About Us

We are distributor/system integrator for RetailCam/FootfallCam People Counting Solutions. We are incorporated in 2004.

RetailCam/FootfallCam is a British company established since 2002. They are dedicated to deliver an advanced door counting solution for retail chains at an affordable price. FootfallCam People Counters are engineered and manufactured in the UK. FootfallCam/retailCam are proud of their hardware and software expertise and focus on delivering values to our customers.

After installed the EPoS systems, retailers now have a good insight of the sales they’ve made. The next thing they want to know is how many customers they have coming into their stores, to calculate sales conversion – a key KPI to manage their business. Footfall counter is the new must-have for retailers.

RetailCam/FootfallCamhave many years experience in working with retailers, and they understand what they need. Retailers have a tight budget, and require a reliable simple solution that can deliver definitive results. RetailCam/FootfallCam counters are designed specifically for retail chains, it is low in maintenance and reliable, and does exactly just what the retailers need. It’s a total off-the-shelf solution, so that retailers can start to implement into their stores and get definitive result.

Research & Development
– it has 23 personnel, including engineers specialising in image processing, and system engineers who develop cloud-based architecture and its control panel.

Support Team
– also have a team of support staff who specialised in helping customers with their installations, counter accuracy tuning, and IT integration of footfall data with their BI systems.

Local Support Team (Singapore)
– also have a team of support staffs who specialised in retail cameras and analytics solutions deployment for over 10 years.