FAQ (Sales)

What is the maximum door width?
Our footfall counter with 104° angle of view, can provide the full coverage of most double door entrance, covering the door width up to 12 meters when it is mounted at the height of 3.5 meters.
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Does RetailCam cover super wide entrance?
To cover the super wide entrance (e.g 24 meters width), we can cover by using 2 people counter.

Do the same software support multiple counters?
Our software would be able to support multiple counters and the counts from different counters can be combined in our web-based reporting software. You can combine the counts of the 2 counters and view the total traffic IN and OUT or you can view the total IN and OUT from each counter.

Do we need to have dedicated PC for every store?
No. The system is standalone and works without the need for PC. All you need is an internet connection.

Do I need to do verification for each counter?
Yes. Due to the variances of store environment, counter parameter settings can be fine tune to make sure it is adjusted to fit into the current store environment and to optimize the counting accuracy. The retailer can choose to:
a.)  Verified by your own staff- Web server is an user friendly tools for carry out a verification study by own staff.
b.)  Verified by our Specialist – Alternatively, our verification specialist can provide this service which takes up to 5 hours at the cost of £150 for each verification.

How do I manage multiple counters?
RetailCam Web Manager is a web-based control panel, allowing users to access and manage multiple counters from a central location. This is also a web-based reporting tools designed specifically for retail chain.. From this server, it will go to each individual counter to get raw data every 15min via your internal network, and input it into the central database. The RetailCam  Web manager has the following features:
a.) Routine System Health Check- A report will be generated listing out the status or malfunction of of the respective counter that located at different locations.
b) View Report and Statistic- weekly traffic data on the previous month, daily traffic data last week, etc. can be view in the web manager. This provides options for the management to view the traffic data from a holistic view and also in a more detailed perspective.

Why accuracy verification important?
RetailCam traffic and conversion rate are key performance metrics for top management.
People counters accuracy are under scrutiny. Each poor performance store manager would naturally blame the people counter first. Management cannot manage their stores if they don’t have a fully trustworthy people counting system.

Can the system works without the cloud services ?
Yes, the server of the system will still continue to work. The software can also be ported to your local server.

Our system is entitled with 2 year manufacture warranty for hardware. Replacing the equipment will be charged after the warranty period.

Can the counter easily relocated after installed?
Yes, the counter can be easily relocated. You will need a Cat5e cable to connect the counter to the IT router.

Where does the counter need to be installed?
Our people counting counter would be installed at the middle of doorway, facing perpendicularly down to count people coming in or going out when they passing by the counter. Counter should be installed as close to the door as possible so that the counter does not pick up the activity inside the store which could affect the counting (usually is 1m from the door).

Does your system count customers walking in multiple directions?
Our people counting system using a series of video process algorithm to count human traffic in bi-directional.

Could we see a full history of data stored?
Yes, you can see the full history data from the beginning of the date. All data is stored in the central database.

Is the system available for install globally? If so do you have engineers equipped to install worldwide or would the cost of travel then have to beintegrated within the cost?
We’ll be able to support your global stores and at the different timezone like China, US, India, UK and etc. as long as we have internet connection.
We are the Singapore distributor & installer with full support from the manufacturer.

Do you have the product in stock? How long would it take from order to installation for a test store?
Depends on ex-stock. Normally we’ll need to schedule 1 week in advance.

Do you have the free trial version for your people counting system ?
For customers with requirement of minimum of 10 stores/devices, we can arrange for a free trial of 1 week at one of the store/door with clear objective discussed beforehand.
If the objective is met, we’ll go ahead to convert the free trial to an order for all the stores.

I’m looking for people counting via facial recognition for a retail store.
RetailCam would not be capturing the people’s face. Therefore, it would not count via facial recognition. The counting would be based on the people’s body shape from a Topdown angle.

Is the system suitable for outdoor use, as well as monitoring doorways etc?
The system is designed for indoor usage. However, depends on requirement, we can deploy it outdoor as well.

Do you have thermal people counter ?
This is the new version of people counter that we are manufacturing now. Thermal people counter were the older technology that we used to relied on before advances in video analytics makes it more viable to do so.

Can your counter installed at pop-up store?
Yes, It can be installed at pop-up store/events where people counting/monitoring services are required.