FAQ (Technical)

How often do you collect the data?
From server, you can see the live output of the data. It will also go to each individual counter to get raw data every 15min via your internal network, and input it into the central database. This is an automatic system which the computer/server will perform by itself in the background.

How much bandwidth does the counter require?
The bandwidth requirement is low. All the counting will be done by the counter itself, the data traffic transmitted back to the central server is 3kb at every 15 minutes. for the verification study purpose, there will be a total of 70MB per report.

Can I just buy the counter and use my own central server report?
You can choose to purchase the counter and uses the API to retrieve raw data from the counter directly.

What is the duration data being backup/logged.
The data backup will be logged for 3 months in the Server.

What is the power supply required for your people counting counter?
Counter is powered using Power over Ethernet. The main power required will be less than 10w

Please specify Battery life
There is not in-built battery in the counter.

Can install the system in our own server?
Our people counter will be connected to the database in the central server to store the counting data. We can install it in our server or your server. For example, L’Occitane and Tag Heuer in UK have hosted it in their own server. Basically, the server requirements would be as per below:

– Operating system: Window Server 2008, Windows 7 (no limitation for 32 bit or 64 bit)
– Additional software required: MS SQL Server 2005

Is the camera POE?
Yes, our camera runs on POE. Only one network cable is required for power supply and data transmission purposes.

As this is uploading video to your server or pictures how much data will this use on average per day?
At the start of calibration and verification, we will upload a few 30 minutes videos (around 25MB for each video) to our server. Usually each camera requires around 5 – 10 videos in order to complete the verification process and to calibrate the camera to its optimized settings. After the verification is done, the camera will upload the traffic data to central server every 15 minutes which is only few kilobytes per day.

Why do we need internet connection?
We need internet connection for sending the traffic data and recorded videos to the central location. However, all counting are done locally on the counter and the traffic data are stored directly to the built-in memory even when the Internet is down. Counting will not be interrupted even when the Internet is down. Whenever the Internet connection is restored, the traffic data will be transmitted back to the central server.

How camera can transfer recorded video to outside servers? Out of the shop’s LAN. From time to time we want a quality verification by manually counting people within randomly selected one-hour period. We have to download all video from camera(s) and keep for 2-4 weeks. Keeping recordings on camera’s memory card only is inconvenient.
Our counter have auto recording function. We understand that verification of the accuracy rate is very important for most of the retailers. Every recorded video would send back to our server by scheduled time (e.g. every morning 5am). The recorded video would transfer to our server and you could login to the portal and use the recorded video to do the verification manually. We also provide the tools for generate report, so that you could easily generate an accuracy report for each counter and you may want it to send back to your headquarter.