High Definition Cameras for Video Analysis




Remote Monitoring Capabilities


Enhance your RetailCam Metrics by installing High Definition Cameras with Remote Monitoring Capabilities.

This allows you to gain further insights into your business operation.

  • Why high customers traffic doesn’t result in high sales ?
    – Remotely playback low sales conversion period to identify reasons for low sales conversion.
    (Insufficient staff/customers ratio ? Inattentive Staffs ? Inefficient Staffs ? Long Queue at Cashiers ? )
  • Sales Intercept
    – Monitor Time to assist Customers
  • Queue Management
    – Monitor Amount of Time it takes to check out
  • Analysis Customer Behavior
    – Monitor Live/Playback period of interest identified from RetailCam Cloud Analytic Services to learn about customer behavior patterns.
  • Remote Operation Management
    – Allows back office manager to monitor multiple store in real time and redeploy staffs/assist in operations as per needed
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phIDNo4Vjkw (@ 3:12 mins)