Importance of Accuracy

Every business requires planning, while a successful planning requires valid and trustable data to support. Data collection is the key factor in planning process. Most of the business, no matter what industry it is in, gaining insights on the store footfall is very important. This is because it helps to identify the store performance in terms of the sales conversion and how much sales opportunity they may have missed.

Inaccurate data may lead to a wrong decision making which may ruin the project implementation plan. Accurate data gives the actual value that is valid and reliable to the standard. It should be reflecting the actual situation and providing the basis to analyze the existing and potential problems that need to be solved. Accuracy is essential for management to make decision on improvingperformance, customer loyalty, and revenue.

If you can’t ‘verify’, you can’t manage

Store manager naturally questions or blames the footfall counting system, as no store wants to be under close scrutiny by the management on their sales conversion rate. The management will lose trust if they have no way to proof the accuracy. That is why most infra-red and thermal counters failed, as they haven’t had a way to backup its accuracy claim.


Accuracy audit is done to verify the accuracy of each single people counter. Fine tuning camera parameter is vital for any single people counter as the accuracy may be affected by the different store environment. Accuracy audit act as a proof for the top management that the camera installed at the particular store has achieved the required counting accuracy to ensure the traffic data is accurate and reliable to be used for the future planning for the store.


By keeping a list of the verified accuracy, backed up by video footages, FootfallCam offers transparency and trust. Without this important verification feature, human nature will take over, making lots of noise. No system nor management can withstand this backslash. That is why FootfallCam systems are being successfully implemented and trusted by retailers, from management to store level.