Implementation Services

We offer a full range of services to help you to gain a further insight of your store performance other than the traditional footfall report. You could have a comprehensive analytics for your marketing and operating decision. We provide more reports, e.g. Outside traffic, dwell time, returning customer, cross shopping, sales conversion, staff planning and other relevant reports in one counter. RetailCam Implementation team provides services from design, install, configure and manage ALL your RetailCam technology. We ensure your implementation is done quickly and correctly at competitive rates. If you prefer a local party to implement your system, we are happy to refer you to one of our highly experienced implementation partners.


Implementation Process

FootfallCam provide a better insight to your business operation and management by giving a comprehensive reports to analyse. From hardware optimisation, to configuration, installation support, accuracy audit, system integration and after sales support and maintenance. All are critical steps toward ensuring optimal data accuracy over time. RetailCam and its Implementation partners have experience with thousands of device deployments in all types of environments across the globe. All implementations require the following steps:

1.Hardware optimisation

  •  From site placement consultation to network integration and installation, it is critical that each site be properly  assessed.


  • Continuing define the simplest installation across multiple sites with minimal disruption to the store activities. We ensures that the data collection happens seamlessly and unobtrusively. We make the installation experience easy and RetailCam are always available if you need them. Installation can take 30 minutes or less.


  • Setting up the RetailCam cloud based software for you to login anytime, anywhere to view the reports and analytic, collect all the raw data and also store networks, security, and connectivity.

4.Accuracy Audit

  • Accuracy is important. But verification is the key to the success of your footfall counting system.  Accuracy audit allows you to capture a short video clip, do a manual count and cross check it with the system count for this period. A verification report can then be generated, along with the video evidence, and centrally archived for future reference. No system nor management can withstand this backslash. This feature gives us transparency and trust, that is why RetailCam systems are being successfully implemented and trusted by retailers, from management to store level.

5.System Integration

  • FootfallCam allows integration with POS or any other business system in real time to create analytics and reports more comprehensively. Business intelligence (BI) system extracts and analyses footfall data (from RetailCam central server)  together with ePOS data or staff labour hours (from retailer’s ePOS system or staff   management system) to produce management report for corporate strategic planning. There are several ways   of integrating footfall data with the ePOS data or staff labour hours:
    • Export footfall data to retailer system
    • Import ePOS data or staff labour hours to RetailCam central server