Software Installation & Integration

Cloud Based

It is cloud based software and you are able to access your footfall counting information via Internet. The software will be installed in our server and we will give you a secured account protected by the password set by yourself. Our server is highly secured and you may go for this option if small quantity of RetailCam is installed.

Software Installation to Your Corporate Server

If you possess corporate server, you may choose to install the software into your server. The software installed will received new version upgrade and you will be given full access to the software which is having same function as cloud based software. You may go for this option if you have security concern or a large quantity of RetalCam installed. This set up fees is only chargeable if you have less than 50 counters installed and will be refunded when you have installed the 50th unit.

Server Requirement:
Internet Information Services
MS SQL Server 2008 R2 or above
Windows 7 (no limitation for 32 bit or 64 bit)

Integration with your Business System

Many retailers will like to integrate the people counting information to the data generated by other business systems. You may go for this option to either integrate the data to your business software or vice versa. By doing so, our system will able to produce sale conversion rate for you to perform staff planning. This set up fees is only chargeable if you have less than 50 counters installed and will be refunded when you have installed the 50th unit.

* All specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Control Panel

RetalCam Manager is a web-based software that  allows you to access the traffic data and to manage all your RetalCam counters from any networked location. No software installation is required.


Centrally Manage All RetailCam Counters

In the control panel, you will be able to fully manage your RetailCam counters, assign or edit any configurations remotely. You will be able to setup the following:

● Branch ID
● Counter ID
● Number of counters per branch
● Counting period
● Counting zone
● Holiday / late night shopping


User Access Control

Different users may have different job responsibilities and need to use the FootfallCam Manger TM in different ways. Individual user accounts can be setup for your team member, and access rights assigned accordingly. For example,

p1 David  |  Operation Director
Access to all stores nationwide


p3 Sarah | Regional Manager
Access to stores in her area


p2_1 Jim  |  Store Manager
 Access to his store only

Every user will be assigned a user ID and password, which they will be able to access from any networked location. System administrator will have remote access to the accounts information, modify access rights and disable any account when a team member leave the company.


 User-Access-Control-02 User-Access-Control-01



Accuracy Verifications Reports in a Central Place

It is important to be able to check that your counters are indeed counting accurately. Verification allows you to capture a short video clip, do a manual count and cross check it with the system count for this period. A verification report can then be generated, along with the video evidence, and centrally archived for future reference.

Health Checks

A routine system health check is implemented, which check across the whole system to make sure all counters are connected and counting.
This health check is usually scheduled to perform daily at a pre-defined time (eg. 12am). An automated email alert will be sent to the person-in-charge detailing any faults found, making this a pro-active yet manageable approach to maintain all the counters across your retail chain.