Entertainment Venue

By looking at the data, entertainment venues can plan on the appropriate staffing levels to serve different traffic flow during peak hours and off-peak hours. Integrating with the data of staff labor hours offers them the visibility on whether the staff-to-visitor ratio is at the optimum level while maintaining a good customer experience.Wi-Fi data also further enhance the operational analytics by identifying the returning customers, cross shoppers, dwell time, etc.




Talarius is the United Kingdom’s largest operator of Adult Gaming Centres (AGCs). Through their trading brands of Quicksilver, Silvers and Winners, they owns 172 venues and have c1000+ colleagues in permanent employment across the UK.  It operates about 180 gaming arcades under the Quicksilver brand, as well as 10,000 stand-alone gaming machines, is owned by Tatts Group, one of the biggest gaming companies in Australia.

As the United Kingdom’s largest operator of Adult Gaming Centres, Talarius needed to gain insights into footfall patterns, to determine their peak season. By understanding their moving patterns, they can provide sufficient facilities that needed by customer when needed. This can ensure their stores were giving customers the best possible service on the right time.



ccStar Amusement

Star Amusements is the game and music business operated for twenty five years.  They offer the newest games, jukeboxes, and various other amusement equipments. The store display different products in different section.  FootfallCam measure visitors by section and manager able to determine which sectionattract more customers.