Retail Store

With Wi-Fi counting feature, RetailCam counter is able to measure the outside traffic – an important factor while determining the best operating hours for the store to capture and maximize the business opportunity from the high traffic outside. Combining with video count data, it gives you the turn-in rate (percentage of people from the street visiting your store) where you could used to evaluate the effectiveness of your current promotional activity or the store display.

combine_10Candy Hero

Candy Hero import unique candy from around the world and sell through online and physical shops in Leeds and York. RetailCam is able to aid management in planning effective operating hours and number of staff required.


Get Paid

Get Paid is the first company dedicated to providing up to date information on what peoples items are worth. Get Paid operate a buying service enabling millions of people to sell their items they wish to sell. The company helping to prevent loss of value and encourage the increase of new trade.

Get Paid installed RetailCam to measure the effectiveness of store promotion by comparing the footfall counting in before and after the promotion period. The management would make adjustment of the promotion planning based on the data.


qqEde and Ravenscroft Ltd

Ede and Ravenscroft Ltd provide ceremonial robes for all occasions, dress the judiciary, including providing handmade wigs, and ensure that graduates from all over the world look their best at graduation ceremonies. The footfall data enable Ede and Ravenscroft Ltd to know how their store font display attracts customers to walk into the store.

The door entrance is swing inward when open. RetailCam was installed 1 meter away from the main entrance to ensure the good accuracy of people counting.


ShetsonShetson Management Ltd

Shetson Management Ltd provides property and estate management services. RetailCam is able to identify the busy hours and improve the efficiency of staff planning.